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The crystal will accompany and accelerate your evolution of consciousness, it will support you in your experiences of letting go and introspection. You can charge it with specific intentions as a law of attraction catalyst. He will be able to unlock seemingly compromised situations.

Energies and interactions

Every living being constantly interacts with its environment, emitting electromagnetic and energetic radiation.

This energy field forms around the physical body a series of successive layers that are characterized by a greater energy density, which fit into each other.

Bio-energetics is the subtle science that studies these fields as well as the radiation of the subtle centers that are the chakras, along with other parameters manifested by the energetic body of living beings. Every living being has a vital field emitted by the energetic body. The latter is composed of a vital energy distribution network that includes the chakras and meridians, which envelop the physical body. This energetic field manifests itself to infinity as the circular waves that form on the surface of the water of a pond when an object is launched there.

It is the vital field that extends all around the physical body between 150 cm and 250 cm. The size of the field of life can vary considerably from person to person. It depends largely on his lifestyle, his level of consciousness and the influence of his environment.

The chakras are the main doors of the subtle body that constantly interact with our environment. Experience shows that absolutely everything has an influence on the vital field and the chakras: the food, the water we drink, the places where we stay ... the materials, shapes, color ...
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