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Lithotherapy is the study of the effects of stones and crystals on the energy body (vital field, chakras ...) and its therapeutic application, for a global harmonization of the energy system and for the spiritual development of the individual.

Chromotherapy improves the general condition and the particular needs of each person: it is a support of processes of internal transformations.
Several studies show that the power of colors has a great influence on our perception and our behaviors. Each color has a hidden meaning and exerts its effects on an unconscious level.

Sonotherapy with crystal tuning fork, triangle and crystal bowl : Crystal energy, true vibratory antenna. The soundtrack of the ÔM crystal bowl reaches the deep "me", participates in the regeneration of the cells and invites to an interior journey.
Experience sounds with different recordings of specific musical relaxation, always according to the chosen stone, which corresponds to a particular chakra. Thanks to the different types of meditation, we notice several things: a drop in blood pressure, a decrease in neuroses, aggression, anxiety and the risk of depression. Meditation can also improve memory, sleep, personal relationships, job performance, the immune system and many other things.
The musical scales and Hertz are also carefully selected.

Olfactotherapy with essential oils corresponding to chakras.
The soul of the plants interacts with our senses and activates them to plunge us into the heart of the feeling.

The Crystal Room by ELIZABETH CONTAL® is an area of creative expression, focused on the harmony of materials and poly sensorality, for a sustainable better. This crystal therapy concept is the only one in the world to bring together the latest scientific discoveries based on natural therapies.

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