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Our five senses are awake and resonant from the start, depending on your intuitive choice of the stone.

Automatically a link will be made between :

1. The view, according to the chosen color, according to the 7 colors of the 7 chakras.
2. Hearing, in direct connection with the chakra to be balanced.
3. The sense of smell, awakened with the appropriate essential oil.
4. Touch, keeping his stone in his hand, the time of the care.
5. The taste, by tasting the herbal tea or the adapted tea.


1. Chromatic experience where multiple color power research supports this principle and demonstrate that color has a great influence on our perception and our behaviors. Each color has a hidden meaning and exerts its effects on an unconscious level.

2. Sound experience with crystal tuning fork, triangle and crystal bowl :
Crystal energy, true vibratory antenna. The sound of the crystal bowl OM reaches the deep "me", participates in the regeneration of the cells and invites to an interior journey.
Experiment sounds with recording of specific guided meditations, always according to the chosen stone, which corresponds to a particular chakra.
The musical scales and Hertz are also carefully chosen.

3. Olfactory experience (olfactotherapy) with the essential oils corresponding to the chakras. The soul of the plants interacts with our senses and activates them to plunge us into the heart of the feeling.

4. Touch experience by keeping the companion stone chosen beforehand. Palp, touch,
feel ... from the soft to the rough, tactile sensations awaken the memory of the body.

5. Tasting experience with teas and herbal teas according to a table of correspondences studied for this purpose.

Between the colors - the sounds - the tastes - the essential oils,

« It's been more than 10 years now that I'm studying the interaction between a person and his instinctive choice of a stone. It turns out that the stone has all the power to make emerge the unconscious of a person in his conscious. »
Elizabeth CONTAL

1. You decide to go with a stone to help you in your problematic, conscious or unconscious.
2. You consider stone as a living being in its own right. All matter is carrying vibrations.
3. So you pay attention to the stone you meet. This is a real encounter. You choose its color, its size without worrying about its price. The most important thing is that you are totally in vibratory resonance with the stone you acquire.
4. You have in mind that it is not the stone that does the work but you.
5. The resonance game restores energy systems that are unbalanced in your being. It has somehow a "reset" of your systems.
6. When a blockage fraction dissolves, you become aware of the behaviors, beliefs or choices that made this imbalance happen. Awareness allows for the release of the transfer charge through your body. It is your body that transfers and not the stone.
7. Every crystal removed from the earth maintains contact with the heart of the earth. When working with the crystal, everything that happens in the mind is amplified. It is therefore important to be discerning, wise and respectful.
8. Your stone does not support imbalance.
9. It does not transfer the load to its original deposit.
10. It rises on the energetic and vibratory planes at the same time as you.
11. It transfers this elevation to its original deposit.
12. As you transform, you help the planet to fulfill its path of consciousness.
13. Your imbalance is definitively regulated.
In an environment where the colors are marrying Energies Stones, LED light can diffuse changing colors according to your desires and needs.
The stone has helped you understand the true nature of your imbalance by facilitating its mutation.

At the moment of this mutation, you have definitely transformed yourself, you have risen to the vibratory level and you have participated in the vibratory elevation of the planet Earth. Everyone wins.

The stone is a real memory, everything it is exposed to is memorized in its structure.

The rock crystal represents the relationship between man and nature, the conception of the place of man within the universe. An alliance between man and the divine symbol of protection and purification, he leads to the transparency of the mind, the soul and the body.

We always have access to who we really are, we just tend to forget it. Consider using our guidance system, our system of "vibration feedback" (feel external vibratory / internal to guide us).
Elizabecth Contal

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