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The Crystal Room

The 2nd Crystal Room (🇬🇧 🇺🇸)
The Crystal Room by Elizabeth Contal® has been designed for a well-being area.

Relaxation - Deep calm - Meditation - Body care - Massage

We are in the holistic care of body and mind, which are inseparable.
Relaxation or Meditation in the Crystal Room 
You will be curled up in a relaxing armchair and immersed in the atmosphere of a color amplifying the reflection of the crystals and chosen according to your sensitivity.
The session will be punctuated by the corresponding recorded meditation.

Restore the flow
It is in this room (from 5 m²), on an inclined seat, oriented towards two walls lined with 800 crystals, that one has the choice between relaxation or rebalancing energy.
You will be accompanied by a relaxing and transcendent music, to make the most of the benefits of the crystals.

The goal ?
Forty-five minutes of letting go. To visualize at the bottom of oneself: total immersion in a world of presence to oneself and mindfulness.

End of the session
Sleep was not invited; On the other hand, the promised relaxation and the restoration of the energetic flux are the double result obtained, limpid like rock crystal ...

Holistic care in the Crystal Room
Imagine a body care or massage in a Crystal Room by Elizabeth Contal®... to take care of your body, but also of your mind and your soul.
The body care is then transformed into a true holistic care because it has been able to reconcile the body and the spirit ; It will have integrated the emotional and energetic dimensions. 
We go beyond the simple care of the body, we act in depth ...

It is a real care of exception!
« We are talking about physical care but where are the moral treatments? Beauty care must start with the heart and the soul, otherwise cosmetics will be useless. »
Gabrielle CHANEL

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